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Peak swimming actually from Sun Yang's

2022-07-01 14:05Free men's swimming cartoon
Summary: Who is better, Zhang Lin and Sun Yang, swimmers at their peakAlthough Zhang Lin is Sun Yang's senior brother in the national team, as the saying goes, "the waves behind the Yangtze River push th
Who is better, Zhang Lin and Sun Yang, swimmers at their peak
Although Zhang Lin is Sun Yang's senior brother in the national team, as the saying goes, "the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and one wave is stronger than the other". In fact, it can be seen from Sun Yang's record that he has always been the record holder in the world-class 1500 meter freestyle event, and no one can shake his position as the overlord of long-distance swimming. RightHow to evaluate swimmer Phelps
I have not been calm since I saw the Filipino fish as the flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Rio OlymPeak swimming  actually from Sun Yang'spic Games. Four years ago, after the London swimming competition, the 27 year old announced his retirement. The result of 18 gold, 2 silver and 2 copper has been a legend. Not to mention that the myth of 8 gold medals in a single Olympic Games should be rarely broken, but Filipino fish returned to the pool in RioWho has the best peak performance in swimming between Zhang Lin and Sun Yang
I think Sun Yang's score is the best. Sun Yang has won numerous Championships and honors in the world swimming industry. He has maintained a number of world swimming records. He is a well deserved superstar in the swimming industry and the mainstay of the national swimming team. He has won countless honors and medals for his country. Zhang Lin's contribution is also greatWhat is the current situation of swimming world champion Zhang Lin
Before the peak, he participated in many swimming competitions, won countless awards, and broke the previous records again and again, slowly gaining fame. After entering the national team in 2002, it was even worse. The results rPeak swimming  actually from Sun Yang'san all the way, and his career reached the peak in 2008. At the 2008 Olympic Games, heYe Shiwen returned to win silver at the Yongzhou swimming world championships. Why can she maintain her peak after eight years_ Baidu
At the women's 200m Medley final of the World Swimming Championships held in Yongzhou, South Korea recently, China's famous player Ye Shiwen won the silver medal and won the second place with a score of 2 minutes, 08Peak swimming  actually from Sun Yang's seconds and 60 seconds. After eight years away from the world championships, she stood on the podium again. The champion is Hungarian player hoszu, with a score of 2:07.5
Ning zetao, who is very talented in swimming, why is his peak period so short
Since Ning zetao appeared in the public's view, many people have expressed amazement at his talent. In addition to his handsome appearance, Ning zetao's swimming talent also made many peoPeak swimming  actually from Sun Yang'sple like him. Although Ning zetao's swimming talent is very good, some netizens recently said that Ning zetao will retire at the age of 26In the field of sports, who dares to call himself the first in the peak period
Needless to say, this superstar is the swimming superstar, who won eight Olympic gold medals in one Olympic Games. He has participated in four Olympic Games, with a long career peak and won 23 gold medals. He is the first person to swim. Fifth place: the pole vault goddess Isinbayeva Isinbayeva is also known as a record madmanPeak period (age) of male swimmers
About 22 years old (plus or minus 2) peak periodZibo Evergrande peak swimming fitness
Peak swimming fitness is still very good, and it's very cool to be able to jump down from a high positionHow long does the peak period of swimming usually last
European and American athletes can generally maintain it for 6-10 years, which requires extremely strict scientific exercise and dietary control. Asians have a short sports life, which is generally about 4-6 years
Peak swimming actually from Sun Yang's

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