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Black swimming black people are very explosive

2022-07-03 01:12Free men's swimming Theatre
Summary: Blacks are very explosive. Why are there almost no blacks in world-class swimming competitionsNow let's talk about why there are almost no blacks in world-class swimming competitions? As we all kno
Blacks are very explosive. Why are there almost no blacks in world-class swimming competitions
Now let's talk about why there are almost no blacks in world-class swimming competitions? As we all know, black people have high bone density but low body fat Black swimming  black people are very explosiveratio, which leads to their low buoyancy in the water, which is much smaller than that of white people when swimmingWhy are there so few black swimmers in international swimming competitions
3. It has to be said that it may have something to do with geographical location and cultural environment. Africa itself is relatively poor and has less water resources, so it is not suitable for swimming training. In fact, we will find that blacks themselves belong to African countries, so there are fewer local lakes, which is not conducive to swimming, and Africa has no talent for swimmingWhy do blacks have average swimming performance
From the perspective of exercise physiology, blacks are not suitable for swimming, which is believed to be mainly because their muscle ratio is higher than that of other races. A senior researcher at the Shanghai Institute of sports science explained that scientific research shows that white people weigh 1.05 grams per cubic centimeter of muscle, while black people weigh 1.13 gramsWhy are black swimmers rarely seen in world-class swimming competitions
This is also a great progress in the black swimming competition. At the same time, it also stimulated the interest of blacks in swimming. The sweat and hard training behind any sports competition cannot be explained in a few wordsBlack swimming  black people are very explosive. Each region has its own competitive events, which is closely related to the Black swimming  black people are very explosivelocal economic level and lifestyleWhy do you seldom see black swimmers at the Olympic Games
Why are blacks seldom seen to take part in swimming at the Olympic Games? InBlack swimming  black people are very explosive fact, this topic is still a little sensitive. First of all, the author states that there is no racial discrimination. In fact, throughout the history of sports, there are still many black people taking part in swimming, but they are relatively few compared with other races of skin colorAre there any black swimmers
There are black swimmers, and there are black swimmers who won the Olympic gold medal. In the men's 100 meter butterfly at the 88 Seoul Olympics, listi of Suriname defeated Andy Byrne of the popular United States. Andy Byrne was a master of butterfly and swimming at that time. In this 100 meter butterfly final, Andy Byrne could have won, but inBlack people are so talented in sports, why are they not good at swimming
So at that time, the slave owners were afraid that they would run away after they learned to swim, so they were not allowed to touch the swimming project. Slowly, fewer and fewer blacks could swim. Speaking of the race in the world, we all know that the world is mainly divided into three kinds of people, namely black, white and yellowWhy is it so rare in swimming competitions that black sports talents explode
In addition, it is more economic reasons that affect black people's exposure to swimming. Many black children have never seen a swimming pool in their lives. Swimming requires a lot of financial support, training venues and swimming pools. Due to the geographical location of Africa, drought and heat, water resources are very scarce, and it is difficult to drink water in AfricaWhy don't black athletes do better in swimming
Generally speaking, blacks' sports ability in the swimming pool is not very good. Black swimmers are rare in international competitions. Looking at the swimming competitions of previous Olympic Games, it can be said that all the people standing on the platform are white or yellowWhy can't black Americans swim
Long distance running can be practiced in the wilderness of Africa, and basketball or football can be played in an open space in the slum, but the swimming pool is not so easy to find, even in the United States. And if parents can't swim, are not good at teaching, or don't have time, they should hire coaches. Coaches and the use of the swimming pool are costs
Black swimming black people are very explosive

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