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Choke when swimming no matter how many years you swim

2022-07-03 19:02Free men's swimming Theatre
Summary: What if I choke when swimmingIt's normal to choke on water when you breathe. No matter how many years you swim, you will always choke on water when you breathe. It's just that if you swim more,
What if I choke when swimming
It's normal to choke on water when you breathe. No matter how many years you swim, you will always choke on water when you breathe. It's just that if you swim more, your body will automatically produce instinct. For example, if your nose takes up water, you will immediately shut your breath, and if your mouth touches water, you will immediately introduce water into your esophagus instead of your lungs. These are conditioned reflexes produced by being in water for a long timeWhat instrument can detect whether the water in the swimming pool is dry? Where can I sell it
 Of course, Shanghai Haiheng water expert brand special swimming pool detector is preferred. The dz-y swimming pool detector produced by Shanghai Haiheng has a full Chinese operation interface. Easy to use and operate. It can measure 8 parameters of residual chlorine / total chlorine / combined chlorine / turbidity /ph/ temperature / urea and cyanuric acid. The portable aluminum alloy box is not easy to be damaged and has the function of data storage and printingHow to prevent choking when swimming
Remember, when you are underwater, you should breathe out, then look up and breathe in! Grasp the rhythm! Otherwise, if the rhythm is disordered, it is easy to choke! Choking is a common phenomenon for beginners when swimming This is mainly due to the incongruity between ventilation and swimming posture It is also related to psychological influenceWhat is the cause of choking water in swimming and how to correct it
What about choking water in freestyle? Once you choke water carelessly, first relax and relieve your mood, cough loudly for a few times, spit out the water in your windpipe, and then go ashore as soon as possible to have a rest, so as to avoid continuous chokinChoke when swimming  no matter how many years you swimg caused by tension. Yes: learn to breathe on one side first, and it is generally easier to change on the right. The speed of arm stroke should be slow at the beginning of learningWhat should I do if I choke on water while swimming? Which things must I not do
Swimming is good, but there are risks. When swimming, you must pay attention to safety and pay attention to some emergencies. If you suddenly choke on water when swimming, this often happens to novices. Novices must keep calm and pay attention to safety. If you are an old hand, it usually doesn't appearHow to deal with choking water during swimming
! Don't be afraid. If you choke carelessly when swimming, it won't cause serious consequences, but it's over after a while. When swimming, if you choke carelessly, you won't choke to death at once. Most of the people who choke to death are repeatedly choked to death. Choking is caused by water entering the nasal cavity, while entering the mouth is generally easy to drinkWhat if I choke in deep water while swimming
You can also press one side of the nostril with your fingers. At this time, water will flow out of the other side of the nasal cavity, and so on until the water is discharged smoothly. Avoid chChoke when swimming  no matter how many years you swimoking water inChoke when swimming  no matter how many years you swim swimming: start with the most basic breathing movements, enter the swimming pool after simple land imitation, and carry out the breath practice of supporting the bank, bury your head in the water to exhale, and raise your head and open your mouth to inhaleWhat about choking on water when swimming
Because there is a connected lumen between the ear, nose, pharynx and throat organs - eustachian tube, which has a very important function is to guide the nasopharynx gas into the tympanic chamber. The eustachian tube is usually closed. It will open only when swallowing or yawning to maintain the balance of pressure on both sides of the tympanic membraneWhat if you always choke when swimming
Step reading methods to avoid choking water: the main thing is that the ventilation method is wrong. Breathe in less through the nose (it is easy to breathe water into the lungs if you don't pay attention a little), breathe in and out through the mouth, which is easier to control the rhythm. Secondly, the swimming posture should be standard, avoid jumping back and forth, relax your mood, and relax your limbs, soWhy do you often choke on water when swimming freestyle
When exhaling with your head buried in the water, you must keep exhaling through your nose, supplemented by exhaling through your mouth (even if the exhalation volume is greater than the exhalation through your nose). We know that when the trachea keeps exhausting in the water, it isChoke when swimming  no matter how many years you swim impossible for water to enter the trachea, so we can prevent water from entering the lungs through your nose. Choking water will not happen. The range of action is not large, but it is very easy. You don't have to hold the water out hardWhat about choking water when swimming
Choke when swimming no matter how many years you swim

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